Offstage Videos

These video recordings are from backstage, sidestage, a pool party, cast pictures and various other offstage settings with the casts and crews of the 1994 – 96 Tennessee Christy, the Musical seasons.  (ACT III is a spoof of the show put together by the 1994 cast.  Unless you were a cast member of the show, or knew the show very well, you might not see the humor in this spoof, but since the cast in Townsend obviously had way too much time on their hands during the days, and saw fit to produce such a ridiculous spoof, we thought we would post this one just to embarrass all of them….. 27 years later.   (Its actually pretty funny if you knew the show.)

Christy, the Musical cast pool party 1996

Backstage and cast picture: final show 1995

Backstage during school matinee 1996

Opryland – Christy, the Musical 1996

Act III – Christy, the Musical spoof – 1994 Townsend cast