1995 Live Video

At the end of the 1995 Christy, the Musical season in Townsend TN, two full shows were taped using a single handheld consumer VHS camera.  This was the only time the entire show was recorded, due in part to the fact that our copyright permission to produce a stage version did not include the right to film the show professionally.  Consequently, a high quality video recording of Christy, the Musical does not exist.

These VHS recordings were made for historic purposes only and are presented here for historic purposes only.  Please do not download, copy or distribute these recordings in any way.

Consumer VHS video recorders 25 years ago were not high quality, and the sound on these was recorded using a single, on-camera microphone that simply recorded the sound from the outdoor PA system, and included whatever audience noises, airplanes, trucks, dogs barking and other ambient noise that occurred close to the camera microphone.

HOWEVER, using current video processing and editing software, and formatting the original 4:3 SD video frame to wide screen, we were able to take the original VHS video tapes and reconstruct an entire show that is “watchable”.  Also, the soundtrack for the ACT I opening section and the Entracte for ACT II (Spring Ballet dance) have been enhanced due to problems with the original recordings. These are perhaps best watched on small screens and tablets, rather than larger screens, because the image is not as “fuzzy” on small screens.  Both Acts have been uploaded to YouTube but are unlisted.  (Cannot be found on YouTube by searching.)

In spite of the fact that these are not super high quality, the impact of this show does come through these recordings, perhaps more than any of us who have been working on the 25th anniversary web site expected.  The acting was outstanding.  The outdoor staging and backdrop were breath-taking.  The music and choreography were excellent.  The child actors did amazing things. And Catherine Marshall’s story is still one of the most powerful stories of the past century.  We hope you will enjoy reliving this experience with us.

Christy, the Musical ACT I

Christy, the Musical ACT II